The neighborhood currently refers to the contemporary Fountaingrove in northern Santa Rosa, to the west of Hidden Valley, and to the east of Bicentennial Way and Piner Road. It has 3,500 to 4,000 inhabitants.

A Utopian village, Fountaingrove was built in 1875 by Thomas Lake Harris. The majority of its settlers were adherents of Harris’ Brotherhood of the New Life, who migrated with Harris from their earlier New York colony in Brocton.


A Modern Community

Harris’ neighborhood made an indelible mark on the history of Santa Rosa, which is not known as Fountaingrove, and a street named after Harris, Thomas Lake Harris Drive. Prior to the village’s destruction by fire in 2017, the winery’s circular barn was a well-known icon in the region.

Former Fountain Grove Winery structures, currently owned by Medtronic, will be demolished. Founded in 1882, the first winery discontinued operations in the early 1940s.


The houses in Fountaingrove, a hillside neighborhood of huge estates, offer vistas of the surrounding city. Unfortunately, the 2017 Tubbs fire destroyed the majority of homes in Fountaingrove, and the town is currently being rebuilt. Numerous custom homes have been constructed, and others are under construction, but there are still numerous vacant lots.

Currently, the Fountaingrove neighborhood is noted for housing some of the wealthiest citizens in the city. Together, Fountaingrove and Skyfarm are the most expensive neighborhoods in the entire city and county.

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Traffic noise tends to be low in Fountaingrove, making it an ideal location for individuals who like a tranquil environment.

Generally, driving is the best mode of transportation in Fountaingrove. Parking is extremely easy. However, due to the occasional public transportation service, Fountaingrove commuters may encounter very limited options. Fortunately, the neighborhood is served by several bus lines. Few daily tasks can be accomplished on foot in Fountaingrove, making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the area.

The median list price for Fountaingrove real estate is $1.32M. Some of these residences are “Hot Homes,” which means they are expected to sell rapidly.

The majority of Fountaingrove’s houses are single-family detached homes, while the remainder is primarily huge apartment complexes. The median construction year for homes in this region is 1995. This area is dominated by three-bedroom and four-bedroom or larger homes. About 80% of this neighborhood’s residents are homeowners, while 20% are renters.

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