The Monroe District in western Santa Rosa, California was named after the early settlers of the region. The earliest dwellings in Monroe were made of wood, which was brought in early 1854 by Jim McReynolds.



Louis Lagomarsino, an old rancher and Communist candidate for state assembly in 1934, resided in the Monroe district. He advocated the increase of the hourly wage of fruit workers from 25 cents to 40 cents in 1935. Grower vigilantes assaulted Lagomarsino and more labor reformers. While the vigilantes evaded justice, the treatment of pickers became widely known, pickers refused to enter Sonoma County, and a labor crisis ensued. Growers were then forced to increase wages to recruit laborers.


The approximate boundaries of the Monroe Third Road District in 1929 were Piner Road to the north, the railroad tracks to the east, Santa Rosa Creek to the south, and Fulton Road to the west. The crossroads of Guerneville Road and Marlow Road is the focal point of the contemporary Monroe District.

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The Monroe community has been prosperous. There was the Monroe Women’s Club, Monroe 4-H Club, the Monroe Neighborhood Club (also known as the Monroe Club and established in 1915), the Piner-Monroe Sunday School, the Piner-Monroe Ag Club, the Hall-Monroe Club, and others. The Monroe Clubhouse was inaugurated on October 21, 1922, and since then dances were held twice a month. A new maple dance floor, which was still in use, was installed in 1947. The Monroe Clubhouse continues operational in 2020 as Monroe Hall on College Avenue, where numerous weekly events are hosted.

Situated at 2007 Guerneville Road is the Monroe Market.

A new soccer and softball field was constructed by the neighborhood members behind Monroe Elementary School and was named Monroe Field.

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