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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about replacing your missing teeth? Multiple days and numerous dental visits? At Silicon Valley Dental Center, we offer "Same-day teeth" to ensure that this will not happen.

When you visit our dental office with missing teeth, with our same-day dental implants, immediate dentures, or all-in-four implants, we ensure that you leave our place with a fully functional smile.

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  • Successful dental implant without any secondary procedures to enhance bone density
  • Reduced number of dental visits and faster implant procedure
  • A beautiful smile in just one hour

Same-day dental implants

 Dental implants are one of the most durable and effective solutions for tooth loss. Unlike traditional dental implant procedures that take several months and leave patients toothless throughout the therapy, same-day dental implants ensure teeth in a single dental visit.

With our same-day dental implant procedure, our dentists can place dental implants and immediately fit temporary crowns in a single day that the patient will wear throughout their healing process.  

Once the osseointegration process is complete and the implant fuses with the patient's jawbone, the patient will return to our office for placing the permanent crown.

Immediate dentures

Dentures are false teeth or prosthetic devices, which are an ideal option to replace missing teeth. They are supported by the encompassing soft and hard tissues of the mouth. With the immediate dentures at Silicon Valley Dental Center, we fix immediate dentures for our patients on the day of tooth extraction itself to ensure that they don't have to go one more day with the gap caused by missing teeth.

Fixing traditional dentures used to require a few months and several dental visits. Recent dental technology advancements now offer a quicker way to get a well-fitting denture on the same day of tooth extraction. This is achieved by fitting the patient with an immediate denture manufactured in our on-site dental lab, which will be replaced later.


  • Available immediately at a lower price
  • Helps in the gum healing process
  • Helps maintain the patient's facial structure
  • Maintain the patient's bite, ability to chew, and communicate effectively

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