Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with various sedation medications and procedures that can help patients have a painless experience during dental procedures. Calling it “sleep dentistry” isn't accurate because it primarily relaxes the patient. 

Benefits of Dental Sedation

Under sedation, no memory of the procedure is retained

Sense of time is not perceived during treatment

Fear or anxiety can be minimized

The Different Levels of Sedation

A dentist can administer sedation in one of three different levels: mild sedation, moderate sedation, and deep sedation.

Mild Sedation/Anxiolysis

A mild form of sedation, anxiolysis, is often used in more complex situations, required in more prolonged procedures, or when patients have mild anxiety. Mild sedation is usually given orally. Although you remain conscious or very sleepy throughout the process and can breathe independently, you will feel very relaxed. Nitrous oxide inhalation (laughing gas) is an example of this type of sedation.

Moderate Sedation

Often known as conscious sedation, moderate sedation is used when dental anxiety is moderate and the patient needs longer or more complex procedures. It is often accomplished by using light IV sedation.  During the procedure, you remain conscious but are deeply relaxed throughout your procedure.

Deep Sedation

During dental procedures, patients under deep sedation are conscious and not conscious at the same time. Sometimes they are awake but are unable to respond to commands. If you are to be administered deep sedation, your parent, spouse, or friend should accompany you to your appointment. This is because it may take several hours for the sedative to wear off and you’ll need help getting home.

How Are Sedatives Administered?

It depends on the type of sedatives and the unique condition of the patient. For example, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is one of the most frequent forms of treatment for mild to moderate anxiety.  

And when it comes to oral sedation, there is no need for needles, and the medication is easy to take. About an hour before your appointment, you will be given a prescription pill which will put you completely at ease by the time you arrive.

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