Sinus Augmentation

Sinus augmentation, also known as sinus lift, is a surgery that we may recommend to some of you before dental implants to make the latter procedure easier. Some people require dental implants, but they do not have sufficient bone structure for them. It generally happens because of bone loss. This procedure increases the amount of bone in the upper jaw by adding the bone to the space between your premolars and molars.

When Do I Need A Sinus Augmentation?

In most cases, sinus augmentation is recommended for those who do not have enough bone height in their upper jaw. You may also need it if your sinuses are too close to your jaw. We may also recommend this procedure if you have lost your bone because of periodontal gum disease, loss of bone in your upper jaw, as well as reabsorption of bone into your body after tooth loss.

Apart from this, sinus augmentation surgery is also required if you experience difficulty breathing or suffer from the problems such as headaches, bleeding from the nose, nose pain, and others.

What are the Benefits of Sinus Augmentation?

Sinus augmentation prevents tooth loss.

This surgery provides an added bone to your upper jaw to enhance the appearance of your facial structure.

What Happens During the Procedure?

  • When you schedule an appointment with us, we will determine if you can get the extra bone or not.
  • Autogenous bone from your body may be used for the surgery.
  • We may also use allogeneic bone from a cadaver for the procedure.
  • In some cases, we may also use bone from cattle.

We will also take your X-ray to study your sinus or jaw. During the surgery, we will begin with cutting your gum tissue. It will raise your tissue and expose the bone located underneath. After this, we will make a small circle-like cut in the bone. We will lift this bony piece into your sinus cavity and then fill the hole with a bone graft. We will now close the incision and let the site of the surgery heal.

What is the Healing Period of the Surgery?

It may take 4-12 months for you to heal completely after the surgery. This period gives your new bone enough time to blend properly into your existing bone. We will then perform dental implants. The period between your sinus augmentation surgery and implants also depends upon how much bone you may need for the latter.

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